Your Problem

The traditional treatment of anxiety disorders still relies mostly on clinicians’ subjective impression of the the patients’ mental state. In fact, the most used treatment methods lack objective metrics, may lead to undesirable consequences, are unreliable, and require a prolonged continuity from the patient.

In particular, phobias – a highly disabilitating type of anxiety disorder - have a high incidence (~ 32 M/year in the USA), being that only around 15 to 20% of those ever seek treatment, which can be explained by the disadvantages mentioned above.

We offer an innovative and objective treatment method for phobias.

By connecting VR and AR with Neurosciences, using Artificial Intelligence and a cloud-based service, NEVARO is able to provide a disruptive phobia treatment method – objective, efficient, quick, and with no side effects.

Our Solution

NEVARO’s solution is based on virtual exposure therapy. The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality visualization platforms enable an immersive and controled exposure to the object or situation of fear. The personalized headband monitors the patients vital signals (through EEG). Through signal processing and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the interface cloud-based platform translates the headband’s outputs to anxiety levels, allowing a real-time and automatic control of the VR/AR game.

Our goal is to optimize treatment by combining the traditional methods with our solution (guided therapist approach).

To therapists and psychologists: boost your treatment service with NEVARO’s solution!