Connecting VR/AR

and Neurosciences

for Phobia Treatment

Efficiency and Innovation brought together to change the status quo of mental health disorders

The traditional treatment of anxiety disorders still relies mostly on clinicians’ subjective impression of the the patients’ mental state. In fact, the most used treatment methods lack objective metrics, may lead to undesirable consequences, are unreliable, and require a prolonged continuity from the patient.

In particular, phobias – a highly disabilitating type of anxiety disorder - have a high incidence (~ 32 M/year in the USA), being that only around 15 to 20% of those ever seek treatment, which can be explained by the disadvantages mentioned above.

What We Are Made Of

The motivation behind our company is the will to improve the treatment of mental health disorders. Nowadays, there is a huge plethora of new solutions to diagnose mental health disorders, relying on data analysis techniques and new technologies. It is relatively easy to identify which disease one has (namely anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, PTSD, schizophrenia, and OCD), however the treatment of those diseases is

still stuck on the traditional treatment, which is not up to date given the new technologic and scientific discoveries. That is why we joined efforts – bringing biomedical engineering, medicine, neuroscience and psychotherapy to the table – in order to change the status-quo of mental health disorders.

Meet the Team

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Rita Maçorano

CEO, Co-Founder

MSc Eng. Biomédica

I am a soon to be biomedical engineer, passionate about understanding the human mind in all of its complexity. I am also fond of taking risks, creatively thinking and communicating with others. Thus, when the opportunity came to take the leap from my academic background towards the real-life entrepreneurial world I was very much glad to take it.

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Francisca Canais

CEO, Co-Founder

MSc Eng. Biomédica

I am enthusiastic about neurosciences, human cognition and behaviour, and physiological computing. My goal is to connect my scientific academic knowledge with my passion for all things regarding creativity, emotion, motivation, personal development, health/well-being, and humanity. To do that, I recently jumped in the exciting entrepreneurship world.

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Hugo Ferreira

Co-Founder, CMO

MD, MSc Eng, PhD

I’m curious about everything and I like challenges. Solving problems using a naïve approach and perceiving trends are some of the things I do best. I’m a medical doctor, PhD in Physics, a neurosciences and nanotechnologies researcher (at IBEB/FCUL), an innovator and entrepreneur (CMO & co-founder of NeuroPsyAI, EmotAI), and a teacher. I always try to think differently and innovate by combining multidisciplinary knowledge.

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Rafael Ramos

Lead Developer

MSc Eng. Biomédica

I am enthusiastic about developing games and playing them! Through my biomedical engineering academic path, I have gained some experience in several fields, from neurosciences to machine-learning. Now I am able to combine both my interests and experties and create solutions that can have a positive impact on society.

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Silvestre Piedade


MSc Eng. Biomédica

I am a thinker, I like to question everything and work my way into finding the right answers. I really enjoy the “hands-on” approach: taking things apart to learn how they work and then assemble them back together. As to my programming skills, I have some experience with 3D CAD design and simulation software.

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Marta Moreno


MSc Psicologia Clínica, PhD

I'm a people person and human health is my passion. I'm a Clinical and health psychologist specialized in Psychotherapy and Community Psychology. Ph.D. in International Health, Proficient Individual and Couple Psychotherapist, certified in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, from AEDP Institute in New York where I teach. My clinical intervention integrates EMDR, somatic experiencing, emotion focused therapy for couples and coherence therapy. I'm responsible for the training program for clinical psychologists at Trauma Institute in Portugal.